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Author Topic: Pipes and tthe PAIR system?  (Read 2591 times)

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Pipes and tthe PAIR system?
« on: December 01, 2008, 08:08:31 AM »
Will I need to plug up the PAIR hose from the air box once I install the pipes to keep it from decel popping? I had to do this on my 1250 Bandit when I installed a Leo Vince slip-on. Looking at the service manual the two share the same PAIR valve setup. I eventually removed the PAIR system fro mthe Bandit all together and capped off the valve covers with plates. The PAIR valve is still on it plugged in to keep the FI light off can this be done to the B-King also? Seems the PAIR caps are the same as the Bandit caps on the valve cover.

Another thing can that EVAP can be removed on the B-King I removed the one on the Bandit and just left the swith plugged in to keep the FI light off. I don't recall the Bandit having a tank pressure valve though. I vented the Bandit tank out the bottom with a hose like old bikes were always done. I would like to do the B-King the same way. The EVAP can is stupid looking on the B-King at least it was behind the fairing on the Bandit.