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The Bat-mobile
« on: July 05, 2009, 11:30:33 PM »
Well I finaly couldn't stand being with out a bike anymore, while I am waiting on the Tribute build to finish.  So I was in the local Suzuki dealership picking up some parts for my build, when I ran across a good deal on a B-King.  I have only put about 80 miles on it so far, and it hasn't seen over 5000rpms as it is still in the brake-in phase of its mileage...I can tell you this, after riding the bike I don't understand why Suzuki has chosen to make this its last year.  This bike is all that my Hayabusa was and much more, it draws much more attention, its more powerfull, more comfy, and it even feels more agile.  Here are some pics, I am sure that it will stay stock until I finish my Tribute build or the wife will kill me...lol!!!  She knows my habbit of modifying things, so I have promised not to fool with this bike until my other build is done.