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Author Topic: K8 upgrade time, go faster bits - advice req'd  (Read 2647 times)

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K8 upgrade time, go faster bits - advice req'd
« on: August 18, 2010, 02:44:57 PM »
Hi there,

A newbie to the forum, so please be gentle  :wink: I've also posted this in the GenII setion, so apologies up front for double posting, just thought that some of the B-King guys might not venture to the faired side  :brnt:

I have a K8 engine that I run in my little Westfield sportscar (see reference pics below) and I use it primarily for sprint and hillclimbs in the UK. The engine is currently in standard trim with the addtion of a power commander 3 usb, pipercross sausage filter and a TRE via a gear indicator. A Walbro 225l/hr fuel pump is fitted and regulated with an Aeromotive regulator and the clutch has some heavy duty Barnett items. The engine has a lowered, billet sump and baffle plate fitted - no Accusump or dry sump setup.

My plan for the winter this year is to upgrade the engine to move up a couple of classes for next years racing and am looking for a little help and guidance for the tuning side. From the few searches that I've done already although there is great info available sometimes its a little conflicting or the posts were done a couple of years ago and parts/ideas may have changed accordingly. Anyway, my plan is as follows:

* TTS Supercharger kit - bigger Rotrex C30-94 blower
* New pistons and rods to lower compression - likely is Wiseco turbo pistons (9.5:1 compression ratio) with Carillo rods. Does this sound right?
* I'm also thinking of going for increased capacity with a 2mm overbore - should give +/-1407cc.
* Engine management - a stand alone management system, likely to be an MBE9A4 set up. This system has the added facility of logging, traction control and launch control over the current setup or with a power commander 5 with a secondary fuel module setup - and just as important, my local dyno has knowledge of this system and not the DynoJet stuff.

Now, this is where the guidance and advice part comes in. With the above mods I need advice on:

* Injectors - will the standard 8 injector setup work? Assuming I'm aiming for the full 400bhp quoted power claims from Rotrex (pulley dependant mind you). If not, what size do I go for? Do I replace the primaries, secondaries or both?
* Fuel regulator - will the aeromotive one be fine or do I need to upgrade to a multi role regulator?
* Clutch - will the heavy duty clutch springs I have fitted just now still be ok or do I need to go for something a bit sturdier to stop it exploding or slipping - if so then what? Billet clutch hub, lock-up clutch, slipper clutch??
* Intercooler - the cars will be used for standing starts and short bursts, around 5mins at a time on track and in paddock. Will I need an intercooler? If so, how do I specify what size I need?
* Blow off / dump valve - what sized spring so I require? How do you work out what size is required?

I'm pretty good with my hands and the manufacture and fit of brackets or parts etc is not an issue - I just lack the knowledge of the tuning side. I could probably find most of this out with extensive trawling through the internet or by contacting businesses but I'm hoping the knowledge base on here will save me that time. As always cash has a limit so I can't really afford to try a few different things so a good base set up is required. Am I aiming too high? Have I missed a step anywhere, anything else I should be looking at doing?

Thanks for now, and thanks in advance of any help  :thumb: