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Author Topic: whats your racing plan for next year?  (Read 3895 times)

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whats your racing plan for next year?
« on: August 28, 2016, 12:54:43 PM »
With the year winding down, I'm just wondering what are your race plans for the uncoming year? I have been on a stock bike all year and have wanted to run in the 5.60-8.80 classes, but being that on a good day I'm coming in at 240 unsuited so I fall way short of those goals. My plan is nice clutch my clutch hand can only manage a 1.43 60', im stuck on motor plans though I had a 1441 setup on my last Busa but my builder let me down, the motor kept spinning bearings and became so expensive that I cut my losses and started over. I have been thinking of a nitrous build with a small shot 40-60 and some good pistons
And head work ie; springs and retainers.  Any suggestions?  Oh my bike is 70" lowered and currently geared 16-47 with flashed ecu and Murrays Sidewinder,  and lowered.

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Re: whats your racing plan for next year?
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2016, 07:59:40 PM »
That seems like a lot of gear, I guess it would be ok in 1/8, don't really know what to say on you eng trouble, except ether learn to do it your self or save up for a real pro to do it, spun bearing are almost always a oil supply problem, caused a lot by mods done by a builder that should stick to lawnmowers, I see a lot of eng/oil related issues caused by doing things that are of no help, and could cause additional trouble, I know what your probably saying the pros charge so much you cannot hardley afford it, thats  true but look whats lost by having the motor torn up every few runs, (the week you miss you may have won, but your eng was in pieces) and then having to pay to get it fixed, if your not up to tackling it yourself, start doing some research, Steve Knecum, Bob Carpenter, and several others I'm sure, those two just come to mind as I think they both mostly do NA motors
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