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Author Topic: Guthrie - Levie Hayabusa runs 289mph at Bonneville  (Read 808 times)

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Guthrie - Levie Hayabusa runs 289mph at Bonneville
« on: December 05, 2016, 09:58:56 AM »
Just a little information as the season draws to a close,
for the two (2) of you who were vaguely wondering
if I am still involved with racing.

I, (scott guthrie) personally set six (6) records
at the Bonneville speed week in 2016.

Far more important were the speeds and records
attained by my partner John Levie, and his Dad
Allen Levie.

Setting several records with our new Hayabusa-powered
sidecar streamliner, John hammered an exit time of 289mph
into a dead-headwind of 14mph .

That's an airspeed of 303mph, with only 1,300cc on blown gas.

Allen Levie had some engine trouble, but set another
over-200 mph record in our "kneeler" sidecar rig.

The 289mph speed is the fastest sidecar in the world,
and puts John Levie at 10th place on the list of
World's Fastest Motorcycle Riders.

Cheers, Scott

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Re: Guthrie - Levie Hayabusa runs 289mph at Bonneville
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2016, 10:01:58 AM »
Below are listed the world’s fastest
motorcycle riders, since the beginning
of time, on any type of 2 or 3 wheel
motorcycle, including sidecar.

Name…major sponsor…speed….bike…

1.   Rocky Robinson (Mike Akatiff)394.++ mph Streamliner @ Bonneville 2010

2.   Chris Carr (Denis Manning)372.564mph Streamliner @ Bonneville2006

3.   Sam Wheeler (Sponsor)355mph streamliner @ Bonneville 2006

4.   Don Vesco (Vesco Family)333.117 mph streamliner @ Bonneville 1978

5.   Jimmy Odom (Mike Akatiff )336.+++mph Streamliner @ Bonneville)

6.   Richard Brown (Rocket man)332.887mph jet/streamliner 1999

7.   Dave Campos Over 322 mph streamliner @ Bonneville)

8.   Bill Warner (Larry Forstall) 311.945 Mod/street Loring2010

9.   Valarie Thompson (Denis Manning)304.514mph streamliner@ Bonneville 2016 -  fastest woman.

10.   John Levie (Guthrie-Levie) 289.749mph streamliner sidecar Bonneville 2016