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Author Topic: What sensor turns on the secondary fuel injection on a turbo 2007 Busa  (Read 580 times)

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I have a 2007 Hayabusa with a Stage 2 Velocity Turbo.  Bike can cruise to 100 mph easy.  Full throttle under load starts breaking up at Approx 7000 RPM.  I've had the bike a while--didn't ride much last year due to health issue..  Installed a new tach light--broke a few 20 gauge wires in the process--re-soldered.  The turbo appears to be acting correctly--just seems like I'm hitting a fuel shortage.
What determines the secondary fuel turn on except for the ECU????
Thanks for your help.
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You should have a 3bar map sensor, that connects to your secondary computer and meters the fuel under boost..