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Author Topic: UK last blast for 2017.  (Read 458 times)

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UK last blast for 2017.
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:45:25 PM »
Last Tuesday was the last standing start mile test and tune event for 2017 for which you kindly sent the remains of hurricane Ophelia to send us off.
Considering the weather the day before it finished up OK with a dry morning and a stiff nearly straight tailwind early on which had come round to being 90% straight down the runway at 20mph gusting over 30mph at times.
There was a disappointing turn out but with several new faces which was good to see though and I think they mostly went home happy.
After lunch the wind dropped a little but was still gusting over 20mph and sat between 5% either side of West except for the odd swirly gust that caught a couple of the riders.
I bumped my personal best to 237.940mph which I was happy with,I could feel the wind pushing at me now and again but it was never an issue so I gradually put some more beans in the AMS but the track being cold and me using a four year old tyre meant lots of spin in the lower gears so it was not going much faster on that course without big changes which I did not want to do because there were lots of runs to be had with a small entry,several were in the teens of runs on the day.
Terry Smith ran his big motored gen1 up to 214.712mph which I think without checking,puts him into third place in Uk normally aspirated bikes over any distance so he was a happy man too although we have had faster visitors from Finland previously.one of the newer riders Tom Armitage Turbo Busa ran 203.429mph on his one and only run of the day,not sure why there was just the one.
Andy McKie finally earned his 200 club certificate with a 202mph on his Turbo Busa followed by a 203.315 slightly faster than Sid Horman 203.088 another first time 200 on his Turbo Busa all of which I am sure will go faster next year and then Paul Brookes 202mph on his gen2 Busa road bikebut he is already on the list on his Turbo Busa.
Jack Frost popped in on his way back from a magazine trackday on his surviving ZX10r turbo did a couple of 189/190 mph runs because that was all it was geared for then headed off for the ferry home no further news on his robbery.
Becci was there but did not run as it was unlikely that she would go any faster than previous so as always safety comes first.
One of the wheelie riders Lee Embleton ran a 206mph then a 208.842 mph on two wheels as another new entry after a kilo wheelie earlier of 180 plus but he is a "Wheelie God" on a gixxer 1000 turbo
Nothing official yet on dates for next year but we are hoping for much the same as this year with midweek events one a month from March with Three weekend events May,August and September.
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Re: UK last blast for 2017.
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2017, 04:41:17 AM »
Thank you the report ken 12r, much appreciated.
I wouldn't know where to see the top speed and wheelie news without your regular posts.

I might just try and get up to Elvington next year but it will be in the car as I cant ride that far.
I have no more sh*ts to give.