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Author Topic: 03 busa Dry Kit, looking for help  (Read 5229 times)

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03 busa Dry Kit, looking for help
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:21:41 AM »
I have a 03 busa stock motor, looking into getting my ecu flashed from schnitz racing. It has a full Yoshi TRS exhaust, air box mod, short stacks, I know the most ideal way to go about it is to get it dyno tuned. From what I've read it sounds like the gen1's stock can handle a little bit more spray than the gen2's. I currently have a gen2 with a performance first spray bar with a 40-45 shot made 215 and 220 on a dynojet. If I remember right, the nitrous map doesn't have any timing removed and has 17% fuel added. If I remember correctly it ran an a/f of 12.2-12.5-1. I went 126 in the 1/8 and trapped 161mph with swb. I've sprayed it on a rolling half mile about 2700 feet total and it didn't have any problems.

Few questions for you guys on my gen1, I was planning on going with a dry kit with a performance first spray bar, 91* pump gas mixed with 110 Sunoco/ aiming for 95 octane.

Is a 50 shot unrealistic or should I stick with a 40?

Do I need to worry about the stock fuel pump on a 50shot?

For safety wise is it a good idea to pull 2 degrees of timing?

I thought 12.5 is a good, safe a/f? Does that sound right?

What is a good fuel percentage to add to the map for a 40/50/60 shot?

Please post, any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, try not to beat me up too bad. Thanks

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Re: 03 busa Dry Kit, looking for help
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 06:34:11 PM »
For 70, 90 and 100 TPS, I added about 25-27% (about 60 numbers higher on the ECU map) from my NA map to the nitrous map to get 12.5 or so AFR. Stock injectors and stock fuel pump. Stock Gen I down to the stock header, exhaust, airbox, etc. 154hp NA to 200hp w/nitrous. With two jets @ .023" in size. 46hp gain which pretty close to what some nitrous jet calculators state. I wanted 65hp shot so I went with two @.030". This maxed out the stock injectors but I also used a internal Bosch fuel pump, modified stock fuel rail and modified FP housing to eliminate the stock internal filter and went with an external inline filter. Bike made 218hp. I could have modified the stock FPR to put out 50psi static which would have helped but was going another route afterwards.

No ignition retard on the 46hp shot. On the 65hp gain with 50/50 on 91 octane pump and 100 octane race fuel I used 4' retard.