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Author Topic: Brock's Tech Talk: Motorcycle Clutch Maintenance and Performance Tuning  (Read 571 times)

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Is my clutch slipping? How do I know? Is it time for a clutch replacement? How do I know? While I’m in here, should I tune my clutch for better performance? If so, what do I do?

Brock turns correcting a slipping ZX-14R clutch into a master class on clutch maintenance and tuning. Watch Brock, a multi-time AMA Dragbike national championship-winning drag race crew chief and first rider/tuner to put a street legal motorcycle into the 7’s, do what he does best… find solutions to problems which make ANY motorcycle quicker, faster, more consistent and less prone to failure under high-stress race conditions. Of course, Brock does his best to break down every aspect of this complex subject into simple-to-follow form for beginners, as well as provide content that will make many experts smile. He might even save you money on your clutch maintenance.

Grab some popcorn, as this one takes a while. We hope you enjoy ‘Tech Talk: Motorcycle Clutch Maintenance and Performance Tuning’.

Watch Now at https://youtu.be/_YFqq5kI-fw

And visit www.brocksperformance.com for more information.
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Great video(as always)bro,watched it a few days ago and bookmarked it for future reference.  :punk:
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