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Author Topic: BIG CC Racing street/road legal Hayabusa goes 271.8mph in standing 1 mile!!!!!!  (Read 1105 times)

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INSANE go onto facebook and check it out.....Phil Wood  :huepfenicon111:

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Hi Bowches

Technically it is a little different. Our rider Phil on the 271.8mph run was doing a flying kilo  / flying 1/4 mile run however rather than starting with a run up he started from the actual standing mile mark. .so the 1/4 flyer differed from the standing mile in that the measured distance was not 80ft for the standing mile but 402 metres covering a quarter mile. A little harder. Our speed was an average 271.8 mph over the last 1/4 mile within the mile distance: in essence a little more difficult but only because we chose to start at that point as the runway was hardly suitable for longer. In total Phil has only completed 4 full passes so far & 4 aborted runs

Here is one of the earlier runs at 266mph...