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TPS sensor failure sympthoms
« on: June 24, 2021, 01:32:29 AM »

I Just like to share info Primary TPS problems

I Have 2013 Turbo ethanol Hayabusa and first TPS sensor got 28000km and second sensor 4000km.

When sensor start getting little bad (sticking) it will rise up your rpm like 1600-1800 rpm when clutch in while driving or idling, it wont go back to home position every time and hangs 4-7% TPS even when throttle is closed.
After it get too bad i wont even idle and starts hanging 7-9-11% TPS it wont even idle becouse thrrotle is closed and TPS still read 7-9-11% will cause overly rich AFR condition still still works fine at upper TPS positions, and when sensor totally mashed it starts warping around different values at static throttle positions this will light up your FI light.

I am not yet figured out, what is problem why TPS wont last so long on Turbo bike, planning test new sensor without O- ring maybe pressure and fuel mixture gets inside of sensor, and it will start wear premature... Or meybe ethanol eats all axle lube of sensor and it will start sticking. After lubing axle it will work fine little time like day and next day when plan to go driving it will not work again like it should

This all is tested with Ecueditor and WR datalogging

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