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Author Topic: Airbox ramair gaskets and custom air filter  (Read 4762 times)

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Airbox ramair gaskets and custom air filter
« on: October 29, 2002, 09:20:00 AM »
I posted the same thing on Labusas so I apoligize to anyone who actually considered reading it twice...management strongly urges you not to read anything I write twice aand if it sounds a little off edge conside I did write it wiht labusas in mind...

An actualt serious post from the mileagequeen....sit down boys and girls and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain the great oz has every intention of granting all your wishes...

So Ill start with a little history and how and what I did and then the no where I am now. basically no where.
traded the highmileage 1200 blandit in for the busa they gave me $3500 for a 48,600 y2k mile I had cammed it jetted exhaust blah blah bandit 130 or so HP By By I was happy had the 2002 balck and blue stock.

Bought the TRE tried it for a few turns had a bunch of problems for instance it wouldnt start right up and having discussed the purchase with ivan he stuck to his word gave back my money and all was fine.

Rode it a little then ordered the PC3R put it on it was wicked rich leaned it out needed money resold it after a few turns got $275 and back to stock.

I modified the stock mufflers with two simple holes in each in line line with the thru pipe they did add a little power and a very slight change in tone...then I ordered the staintune mufflers...Nice pipes probably not engineered as good as a higher perf pipe but take the restrictor things out and they open right up very dhiny anf built like tanks.

Then I go to thinking and looking at a few of the mods out there I made up some ram air gaskets I made 18 sets so far and could crank out a few hundred more then the weird stuff I make them wiht would be gone and end of my idea....they are top materials high performance adhesive scape the old (stock ) ram air gaskets off slap on the new ones with the high performance 3m double sided adhesve (just peal the protective layer off the gasket and apply)and down the road you go. I need to test them out my self then Ill dump them wicked cheap here and everywhere...Violatr gets a set for nothign but need to test first...dont want to ship garbage..its not rocket science here and I know the materials...I can see they are shaped right....

Then I dropped a bunch of money making super highflow airfilter (s). materials were about $150 plus the BMC for test $230 or something I made one up then had to order the BMC race to see what the competion is made of and I should have known better mine is made out of top electrostatic furnace filter materials that trap particles buy charging them as for resistance it would be same as basically nithing at all.

So I tried the BMC race and yes the stock Busa goes way lean up to 4K then might pick up a few on its way tothe top so out that thing came...Im a midrange low end guy I wont lose bottom for top end Im just so rarely there...anyways...I have this fiter project in the works the ram air gaskets are as simple as the stock ones nothign more that a thick soft semi porous rubber gasket which has a high flame rating sliced at a long angle (made tempelate like a mitor box) laid over on top of its self into a donut then I had to try out a bunch of adhesives to get the right one (about 5) ended up with permatex trim adhesive only thicker better, then I made ip a bunck or these block things for shaping the gaskets they hold it in place with a layer .125" adhesive backed rubber goes over the top to make the front mating surface continious making seal and well we all have seen the stock ram air gaskets and they ...well...mine were out of alignment as if someone had put force on top of the airbox and my #4 plug boot was not slid down from the factory...I think the stock ram air gaskets lined up properly probably would work fine but can be made better but only slightly still that slight edge might count for something I dont know I was freaking out abd thought I could get a business going or somethign now Im working again and it juts looks like a pile of time to break even ..... Look for a post coming later on once the snow flies on both of these.

The air filter is the coolest with a plexiglass top and the filter actually has gasnets on both sides so the cover is actually a see thru cover i.e. the assemble is in two pieces..remove the filter compleetly for drag racing? basically just the gasket material which is the web filter...Oh and I built a flow bench out of turbo tubing and a 165 MPH leaf blower and thick plexi also did temperature tests and suprisingly the busa ram air gaskets onne get to 130F while driving also calculayer the stock 1300cc motor as inhaling only 625 cfm wide open (had a scientist friend help me on that one)and the web filter stuff will flow smooth no restrictions right to 800cfm its basically see thru but didnt need to set it up once the I wont be out to make bucks and will only be getting back what I have into the stuff for materials. Stay tuned and if any of you want pictures of this shit email me directly.

So anyways my thing here is to share the information 100% and Ill tell you this making them up is a pain in the ass but hey what are friends for..ballpark figures? No fuss gaskets? $20 a pair deliverd (if they work) the air filter doubt it but $35? deliverd... if they come out perfect if not Ill add it to the mad scientist pile out there.
Super happy friends making happy fun time