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If you have a current picture of your ride, please post it here. Want your bike on the cover pages?

You just need to post a great picture in this thread. That's how they are chosen.

The ideal photo needs to be clear, bright, with the sun or light from behind the camera so shadows are minimal, in focus, with an aesthetically pleasing background.

Images from this thread will be rotated into the cover pages at and

My just reassembled turbo 99. Soon to have it's liquid to air intercooler completed.

Whoo-Hoo... I get to be 1st.  :D

Here is the link to the Build:

What It has:

MOTOR: Good for 450 HP

* APE Balanced Crank
* Carrillo H-Beam Rods
* JE Turbo Pistons w/.080 Spacer
* Carpenter 70 lb Valve Springs
* Adj Cam Sprockets - In/Ex
* R&D Tranny w/ Cryo Treated Input Shaft & HD OutPut Shaft
* MTC Multi Stage Lockup
* Billet Clutch Basket
* Billet covers = Black Anodized...
* RCC Custom Stage II Intercooled Turbo System
CHASSIS: Powder Coated Gloss Black

* My 1999 frame, slightly modded
* GSXR1000 Front End & Wheels
* Trac Swingarm 0-6"
* Ohlins Shock
* Wave Rotors
* Trac Raked Triple Tree
STUFF: and more stuff

* Catalyst 4" Over Tail
* Catalyst 60 series front Fender
* Magical Racing Carbon Dash Panels
* A-Tech Black Diamond Tank Winglets
* Magical Racing Carbon CBR-XX Mirrors (On Order)
* Boost by Smith Boost Controller
* Cycle-Tek CO2 Air Shifter (installing now)
* Sato Drag Rear Sets
* Pazzo Levers
Did I forget anything...  :lol:

Damn, you beat me...  :x  only in the post though.   :lol:

No Mods. Yet.  :)


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