Throwing C40 Code

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I'm getting a C40 error.  Only happens after warm up when the bike is accelerated and then suddenly has the throttle snapped shut.
Any one else have an idle speed control valve failure?  I still have not dug into the unit, so I need to see and test the valve for operation and Ohm the thing out.  I also need to check for pushed pins at the ecm side (ISC connector is good).

Just curious if this is common.  My bike only had 575 miles on it so this smells of infant mortality.

The good side is that bone stock it went 140+ mph on every pass yesterday with a high of 141.8 mph in the quarter. Even though I launched  it like an 8 year old girl.   Yes, I'm very happy.

ISC Idel Speed Control valve

As you can see by my previous post, I know it's idle speed control valve (or idle air control in automotive circles), but my question is, "Is it common?"


What causes the failure if it is common?


I am having the same trouble as anyone found a solution to this C40 code? I have changed out the ECM, Throlte bodies and ISC valve and code still exist. :?

As the factory manual says, if the ICS valve is disconnected too fast after turning off the bike it may need to be reset. Failure is unlikely, but resetting likely if the engine builder or tuner has not read the service manual thoroughly.

You can reset it with SDS tool which I have done earlier. This summer also added the reset to but have not had a faulty bike to test this.


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