GSXR 750 RE-rebuild

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This thread is about a GSXR 750 I rebuilt once and have since modified several times.  My friend bought it back to me again for another rebuild but this time for another reason...  He can't let it die!

This is a pic of what it looked like when he first bought it to me several years ago.

This is a "during" pic of the bike while I was polishing it.

In this pic I was putting it back together and installing a talking alarm with remote start along with accent lights.

Here are pics of the finished project from the first rebuild.

Now, the pics I'm gonna put on here in the next day or two are gonna make you cry :cry:  Well, at least feel a little sad.  I know I was in shock!  Anyway, I'm starting over again but this time he wants to go with chrome instead of polish this time. 

Here's the damage; Dented tank, broken left clip-on, cracked/broken fairing, shattered tail fairing, broken front and rear set, stator cover scratched with a hole in it, swing arm bent, front rim scratched, upper fairing shattered, back of headlight broken off.

Stripped down again.  Getting all the broken stuff off and taking the new and good parts to get chromed.

Here's what he was rolling on when he went down...

A good example of what can happen if you ignore your maintenance :|


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