There has been a gap in our advertising programs and we have been working on a solution. In today's economy it has been difficult to promote your business, sometimes just keeping the doors open has been challenging enough. To this end, we have added some sponsor levels to make it much easier for you to be found and promote your services on

Now you can get your shop listed on the site for just $25 per year. This does not allow you to post new products for sale. You still need to be a Site Supporter to post new items up to $500 value or a Site Sponsor to post new items worth more than $500, but you will be advertising your location, website, and shop services.

Tuners get a special category with special priority listings for only $50 per year. You will be able to add extended information to your listings, such as rates for pulls or specials offered. We are adding a map to show your location. Members will be able to search by zip code to find the closest tuners and shops. Existing advertisers will be added to the map at launch. To sign up for these new programs please visit

Thank you.

Vendor map is up, current vendors are being added. If you have info to add please PM with business name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone, fax, email and website. Thanks

Post up your shop here for the map!

Thank you guys for coming up with something that a normal person that don't have a giant business can afford.  :tu:  I wish every website thought like this!


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