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Switched some things around. This Thing is going to have the motor from the first one.

Well, after thinking about what this Busa's gonna look like when It's done, I decided to keep this creation for a while and sell the first Busa.
I swapped motors with the first Busa but kept the head. This one also has the dual fan radiator from Busa 1. This one has a reprogrammed ECU and Power Commander but will have a little more kick than Busa 1 :tu:  This one will be extended 6" over and lowered front and back.  
  One major issue that I had to fix was the title. Thanks to Ebay, I was able to fix that :tu:  This "frame" comes with a salvage title and a salvage title is better than no title at all!

In the process of swapping the heads and motors. This is the motor from Busa 1. Before the studs were installed it wasn't too hard getting the cylinder block on. With the studs.....  SON OF A B#@$!  I hope I don't have to take this thing apart again!  The center two pistons weren't bad but the outter ones, that was like putting horse shoes on a snake :x

I had to fabricate a ring compressor from sheet metal since my other two wouldn't fit within the limited space created by the studs. I know there's a better ring compressor out there, I just didn't have the time or money to get them...

Two hours later...

Just got the frame taken care of! Ready to GET IT ON!

Hose clamps with tape on them also works for the rings..

Curious how You took care of the frame??> :wink:


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