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The OFF TOPIC section is no longer a public forum due to what was posted there. This is per the site owner and for legal reasons. This "is not negotiable, period".

So now you can choose whether you want access to OFF TOPIC or not. If you do, you will see updated posts and unread posts for that section as well as the rest of the boards. If you don't want to see them, do nothing, they are gone from your recent posts updates and you can't see the OFF TOPIC forum or any future child boards.

If you want immediate access anytime 24/7/365 go to Profile > Actions > Paid Subscriptions > Order > Order with PayPal. It's 99 cents for a year so it's not a moneymaker for the site, it's just a convenient way to give you instant access without having to wait for an admin.

If you check the box for "Make this a recurring payment" the subscription will renew automatically every year as long as you have a PayPal balance or backup funding source such as a credit or debit card on your PayPal account.

If you do not want to pay or don't know anyone with a PayPal account just send me a PM and I will get you in no charge when I have time.


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