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Author Topic: Converting My Gen1 to a Gen2  (Read 35755 times)

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Re: Converting My Gen1 to a Gen2
« Reply #25 on: March 09, 2013, 05:15:26 PM »
Nice project! You have any idea about the ram air tubes fitting with the gen2 motor? For example running a gen 2 motor with gen1 bodywork, what air tubes will work?

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Re: Converting My Gen1 to a Gen2
« Reply #26 on: January 19, 2016, 11:52:38 PM »
This all started with a simple "tail conversion" and snowballed from there...

WARNING: This is only a guide to show you what I did, I will not be held responsible for anything you do because you read it here!!

First of all my frame was silver and my newly acquired swingarm looked like it had been painted in a sand storm..

so both went to powder coat for a flat satin black powder coat at Supreme Powder coating

Here is what you need to appear to be a Gen2:

  • Complete body set w/tank
  • Lock set (ignition, tank and trunk)
  • Head light, Tail light
  • Ram air tubes
  • Front upper fairing stay
  • Rear subframe
  • Oil pan (not absolutely necessary but there are mounts to it)
  • Seats

that will get you looking like a Gen2, now youll need the following to run like a gen2

  • Wire harness complete w/ front and rear harness's
  • O2 sensor Harness (oil sending unit plugs through it)
  • Airbox w/filter IAT and IAP (map sensor)
  • handle bar switches (gen1 wont work without heavy modification)
  • handle bars (gen1 bars line up different)
  • ECU
  • Instrument cluster
  • fuel sending unit w/pump
  • fuel hose (could make the gen1 work but might kink)
  • Throttle Bodies (w/injectors)
  • Cylinder Head w/valve cover (cam sensor) also note the thermostat housing is different and line from housing is smaller in diameter
  • Stator w/rotor (flywheel) cover is the same.
  • Gear position switch (gen1 doesn't work consistently, gen2 is peg in hole style)
  • rear brake light switch (gen1 is different wont plug into harness without wiring)
  • throttle cables
  • front end (forks triples ignition etc)
  • wheels
  • swingarm
  • front and rear calipers
  • Radiator w/hoses
  • Oil cooler w/lines
  • Oil cooler surround
  • Rectifier (forget bracket it will not bolt to gen1 frame)

Re-used parts:
  • clutch and brake master
  • kickstand and switch
  • speed indicator
  • oil pressure sending unit

you can cut these 3 pieces from the bottom of your frame you'll no longer need them and it will give you clearance to go even lower. (cut only the pieces my fingers and thumb are touching!!)

that's all I can think of now Ill add some pics later once I've completed the transformation.

This is awesome!!! How do i add a rear rail gen 2 on a gen 1 bike?