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This winter I'm going to do a Super Ultra build the way I think it should be. I not holding back either. The main idea is to build a street bike, that will runs 7s in the 1/4, 250 in the 1 mile, and still streetable. The motor has already been built by MCBUSA. I'm not about to do this build with a piggy back controller and a bunch of gauges cluttering up my dash. I mean hell, my bike already has like 6 boxes or more and a rats nest for wiring. Since you really only need 4 injectors (if you have good electronics) there is absolutely no need for secondaries and piggy back fuel controller. I'm sick and tired of hooking my laptop up to different boxes to just do one thing. Why can't you have 1 box that does everything, one interface to control with a laptop, and one set of gauges. I'm going to show you how its done, with the help of MCBUSA, Richard, Cecil, and who ever else might help me out.

Major list of mods

RCC Super Ultra kit (no secondaries or microtech)
Garret GT4088
Motec M84 pnp kit
Digital dash (AIM Sports, Racepak, Motec dash, haven't decided yet)
NLR sim
McIntosh 10" to 4" over arm ( critical adjustment for drag and lsr)
Rock Solid clutch
Catalyst Composites Gen 2 plastic
Air tech tail section.

That my not look like a long list, but there are many small things I don't feel like mentioning. I am going to post plenty of pics when the parts start rolling in. I have already ordered the Motec and Richard is working on the Turbo kit. I have sent my old stage 2 kit in to Richard for credit. He will be redoing it, and putting it up for sale if some one wants it. I made 412rwhp with it. Here are some pics of the bike now.

Here is my "Blu-sa" 412rwhp RCC stage 2

And here it is after I take off all the damn boxes and old turbo. This is what it looks like now.

I'll post more pics, when parts start rolling in.

Sounds like a cool plan  :tu:

First round of junk shown up  :bike:

Very interested in watching your build and results.  If I ever need to go to a bigger Turbo, this may be the setup I would be looking in to... :thumb:


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