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I decided to put my friend's old frame to good use!  With a little time and a part or two I hope to have a decent bike for the track :thumb:

Found an '03 750 engine for $500

I thought it might be neat to try and gather the best parts from different years of GSXRs so I decided to start with a swing arm from an '08 Hayabusa that was meant for a later project.

Installed the subframe.

A pic of the parts pile.

I went through a few forks until I found a good set from the '04-'05 GSXR 750.  I cleaned and rebuilt them.  The one in this pic was the nastiest!!

While the bike is still light I thought it might be a good idea to put the mount for the Shark Fin on.

What the fin will look like installed.

I found some race rubber on ebay!  The front wheel is a UK size 125/80-17.  The rear is a 190/55-17, both are medium compound.

I've started on the wiring.  I'll be adding a TRE with shift indicator, on-board lap timer, a Power Commander, and the Wego III from my Busa. Most of the stock wiring will be cut away. The front calipers in the pic are from an '03 GSXR 1000.  I had to use a banjo bolt from a GS 1100 to go in the master cylinder.  The switch housings on the clip-ons are from a 2000 GSXR but I had to cut the locator pins off so they'd fit the '04 GSXR bars.  The levers are custom folding ones from an ebay store.  I've installed All Ballz racing bearings in the wheels and an All Ballz tapered bearing kit in the steering head. 
  I'll be working on it little by little.  I have a lot of minor fabrication to do on it in the meantime.

Awesome write up!


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