Baby Got a New Dress

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My baby, a 2003 was starting to show her age. She just turned 50K last season. I do't have as much time to ride as I use too. The paint started cracking years ago, but I kept her clean and shiny (sorta). I do all street riding, no racing or track days. So she is stock wheel base with the usual bolt ons.

Here is the dress. Chinese aftermarket fairings.

Don't mind my toys in the back ground  :D

The starting point

So 12 hours over two days

In between the fairing swap I changed the oil and dropped in some short velocity stacks.


It was hell getting the side fairing to attach to the nose fairing. I was pulling, pushing and prying. All at the same time  :shock:

Somebody, maybe a couple of people said it wouldn't be easy. One guy said If he had to do it again. He would get OEM fairings. For the 1/3 of the cost. I would get Chinese Fairing again.

Oh yeah, the tank cover did't go on that easy either.

Now she is done. For now. I changed out the brake levers and that thing at the bottom on the side of the gas tank. I holds the cover down.

I could not get my frame sliders back on. The fairing are a little out of line right now.

front view. Also added new turn signals.

looks great...



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