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Hello! Long time busa rider, just recently lost my gen 1 to a total loss accident (not my fault). Picked up a well done up gen 2. Just had a couple questions. The busa is already stretched to about 7". I'm ok with this, will cut it down to 6" when I do a new chain, however the previous owner has it slammed low. He gave me the original tripple, so I can put that back on instead of the lowering tripple, but he did not have the stock links for the rear. The links on it are adjustable, I just don't know what the stock linkage lengths are. Also, I'm not familiar with stretches 100% when you stretch it, is it necessary to lower the rear due to the rake? Thank you in advance!

edit: The previous owner also said the fuel gauge does not operate correctly. I haven't ridden it enough yet, just picked it up yesterday to recreate it, but he says it runs out of gas at the half way mark. I put in a full tank today, am going to use the trip odometer to track my mileage, but it should be down to around 1 gal around 186mi iirc.?


Hope recovery wasn't too bad for you if you were injured.

What you describe is exactly opposite of what a lowered tank would do. That's weird, so I think I probably don't understand lol

Be very careful making the adjustment to your links. If you don't move them exactly the same number of turns they can flex ever so slightly that you won't feel it. Until they fail. Then you have to pull over like you lost your rear tire if you're still in control... Or crash. I'd say just do it right. :lol:

You may find stock height is not good for your build. Raise it a little and try it? I played with mine until it felt right.

When I top it off, it stays full for longer than I would expect. I get nea the half marker on the fuel gauge near 100 miles. I haven't ridden past it being at half as the previous owner said the bike ran out of fuel at the half marker before. How many miles should I be expecting riding moderately per tank? And is there an adjusent if the guage is off?


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