2013 Turbo Hayabusa Won’t Idle


Ladies and Gents,
     I need a little help!! I have a 2013 Hayabusa that won’t start unless I crack the throttle. Once I get it running, it’ll continue running just fine, as long as I hold the throttle. If I let go of the throttle, the throttle, the bike dies (both warm and cold). I recently bought the bike, because I’ve wanted a turbo bike for some time. When I bought the bike, it ran just fine. But then I had a few issues here and there.
     First, the bike died a few times when I would grab the clutch while approaching intersections. Then, I experienced what seemed like I was hitting rev limiting at approximately 4k to 5k RPMs in 2nd gear. One day, the bike shut off on me while when I was approaching a signal, and wouldn’t restart unless I cracked the throttle. When I got home, and let the bike cool, I cranked it, it idled just fine, and warmed up as usual. The next day, I went to ride again, and the bike wouldn’t start unless I cracked the throttle, which is where I am currently at.
     I thought that maybe I had some bad gas, because I had just fueled before this happened. New fuel didn’t change anything. Then I checked the fuel pressure, which was WAY to high at about 98 PSI. Called the guy I bought it from, and he said he was running 43 PSI. This struck me as odd, because it shouldn’t change after its set. So I cranked it way down to 43. Surprise surprise.... no change.
     This is the fun part, the bike has a stage one turbo kit from RCC Turbo with meth injection. It also has a PC 5 and was tuned professionally at powerhouse motorcycles (up in NY). There are quite a bit of other aftermarket parts, but none that I think come into play here.
     Any ideas folks?

Where is pressure measured on your setup? Have you eliminated the fuel filter as the source of the problem??

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