2009 hayabusa electrical power loss


Michael pink:
Hi guys , new to the forum so thanks in advance .  I have a weird issue with my 09 busa ,( 60,000klms on the clock) recently while riding the instrument cluster cut out and did a full reset (switched off and came back on ) , the engine cut out but restarted immediately by dropping the clutch or pressing the start button, it did it about 3 times . I have had an initial look for loose wiring but battery and computer seem fine. Iím hoping t someone might have a suggestion of what this might be other that lose wiring  . Again thanks

 The bike also has an issue restarting when hot , it sounds like a semi flat battery , but when cool it starts fine and when put on charger it charges quick and ok . Thanks again

I would look at the connections associated with the regulator...  I have seen that one overheat, melt and cause power disruption to the ECU.


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