Very odd overheating issue 2005 Hayabusa


Ok my hubbys 2005 hayabusa.   No one seems to have ever heard of the issue and we can't seems to figure it out.

The bike can run an hour or 5 hours and won't overheat but the second you turn it off the bike overheats and red lines and the oil light comes on.   The fans kick in and once it cools off the temp drops and the oil light goes off.   We have tried it with the thermostat out and does the same thing.  The coolant is filled and not over filled.   We are at a loss.  I have called around and talked to local bike mechanics and none of them have ever heard of this happening.  Normally if it overheats its gonna be while its running not after it has been shut off.   

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.   Thank you. 

Ps need his bike running so he can ride with me when I ride on my bike lol

OK, if you restart it does it cool down and the warning light go off?

Have you checked the coolant level? When you check this you  Cana also check to see if there are any bubbles in the overflow tank when it is running (rev it up and look for bubbles while revved)? Mine did this when I blew a head gasket. Yours is not likely a head gasket issue, but you may as well rule that out.

We figured it out.  I got a hold of a Hayabusa mechanic.  He had him burp it.  So he had him take rhe cap off the radiator.  Then rock it let it settle fill it up then rock it again and do this until it stops dropping in level.  Then he had us top it off to the tippyity top so a little fluid came out when putting the cap on.   That works.  So simple so I am so thankful.   

Thank you all so much for the responses and maybe this will help others in the future.   Apparently gotta keep a baby burped lol

Glad it is good now. I would check the coolant level for the next few rides and then every couple of rides. It shouldn’t need burping other than the initial burp. Others may chime in here?


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