Reverse Battery Installation trouble shooting, WTH!

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Well never thought that I would ever be asking for help with this, :whoopass:

Shorai Battery was low on charge so I took it out of my 2004 Hayabusa and charged it.  Then I stupidly installed it reverse polarity.  You may ask how because most batteries are made so that you can reach the wires to do this but, I found away.  With the Sorat battery the terminals are accessible from two orientations.  I wasn't paying attention and installed it wrong.  Turned on ignition, nothing.  Normally fuel pump energizes but, nothing.  Then I went back to look at battery and realized that I installed it reverse polarity. OS!

So, I did the Egyptian thing the D nile.  Hooked the battery up correctly and hoped I didn't screw things up. I turned on the ignition and nothing.

With ignition on:

No lights
No fuel pump
No display

Other factors:

I did not have the ignition on for more than a few seconds:  Not that that really means anything.
Did not smell any electrical wiring burning.
Checked all the fuses in the in the fuse box to the left of the display, did not find any blown.

Now for the bad part:

I have a Motec 130 ECU connected to the stock modified wiring harness through a an adapter kit box made for plug and play installation.
I also have a Motec 127 Display connected through a CN bus.

My thoughts:

With the key on: nothing seems activated, this indicates to me that the electricity has to be shutoff at a focal point that is shared by most if not all the systems.  By checking the fuses and finding them still intact, there has to be another fuse or fusible link or something like this that links them altogether.

What wires would be prone to burning?

How would I check my Motec 130 ECU to see if I fried it?

Your thoughts on how to proceed and rectify this situation?  - Other than serious therapy.

Thank you for you input!


Are there any fuses in line that may have been installed along with the Motec? Id trace the wires and look. Any stock ecu you can swap to test?

Did ya check the big fuse by the starter relay  :stk:

My Shorai Battery has a built in reverse protector.  It shuts the battery off and will not reactive until it is placed back on charge.  Do you have the Shorai battery charger?

Hey, first off thanks for input!!

1.  Did not see a fuse to he Motec m130.  I however, did call up Motec and they said that there is limited built in polarity protection with in the ECU.

2.  Did not yet check the fuse by the starter relay.  I will being that as soon as I get back home.  Will post results.

3.  I did not know that the Shorai battery had reverse polarity lock-out protection.  Yes, I have the Shoria charger which I will use to unlock the battery. 

Again, thanks for the quick replies.  I am having speed withdrawals.



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