Gen1 to Gen2 ECU



I am looking to do a gen1 to gen2 ecu conversion..
So these are the parts I have ordered on ebay..
- Wiring harness
- RH bar controls
- Speedometer cluster
- GSXR/gen2 cam position sensor
- AIT sensor

And i need to:
- Gring one tooth (the correct one) of the flywheel
- Reverse wires from crack sensor (green and blue wire)
- Disable STVP, secondary injectors

- Do i need gen2 gear position sensor, or can I use gen1?
- Do i need Brocks cam pin re-locator for my stock gen1 cams?
- Do I need Gen2 AIP and ASP map sensors, or can I use gen1 sensors

Any other conversion tips will be highly appreciated :-)

You may or may not need the pin, can depend on your cam timing. If you are using the Gen 2 harness you may need Gen 2 bar controls--can't remember--- and pretty sure you need the Gen 2 sensors. And either a Gen 2 cam cover with the cam sensor or a 2008 GSXR 1000 one-- I have a Gen 1 flywheel with the tooth off I will trade for a Gen 1 stocker. And the Gen 2 gear sensor works much better as it grounds better so get it. Are you NA or turbo?

I have Gen2 harness, cluster, bar controls, map sensors, gen1 cam cover w/gen2 cam pos sensor (modified), flywheel with 24-2.
Bike will run, but runs lean. Setup is 1397ccm NA with stock cams for maximum low end power.. ECU (bought off ebay) has been flashed previously with FTECU so i am locked out of the ECU with Woolich. FTECU say they cannot help me unlock ECU. So I need to get another ECU to get the AFR tuned.
I guess the ignition timing will be off unless I get gen2 cam cover and offset pin, since the cam pin dictates the ignition timing reference...? Other option would be to dyno the bike and advance ignition in small steps to where it makes peak power.

Not sure about timing changing, maybe the guys in the other thread will know for sure---Greg Watters--Oz Booster, Greg Smith and Sportbikeryder.
Have you tried ECU-Editor, not a fan of Woolrich. We are using the 07-08 GSXR 1000 cam sensor and stock Gen 1 cover with no issue.


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