Cstraubs busa build...


This was last years build up on my bike. This year plans,include paying off the credit card for all this crap!!!    

This is how I bought the bike,99 Mr.Turbo..200hp


Frame rake by McIntosh..same day service...sweet!!!


NLR small KKK kit..bought from Motorhead...


FBG undercut tranny with HD output shaft,APE bottom end studs,HV oil gear,and THE MOTORHEAD SUPER STUDZ!!!



Thats at 24lbs of boost...

sweet bobby ! i guess we be representin the 99's the way they should have been built    

 hey man i see you have your pivot links on the middle hole . did you just take out preload to get the ass down that low or what ? i have mine on the lowest setting and took some preload out but i want it lower still . might make my own links , im afraid of making the ass squat too much . i see where the back tire has been into the subframe before but i just mounted a steel subframe and cut the center bar out since the latch is useless . im also building a weld on support for the ext. tail . (thats why i went with steel)

I got some longer dogbones..think they might be for a gixxer.I cut the rear subframe bracket(that latches the seat) and welded a 1/4" piece of strapping for an extra 3/4" clearance....


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