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The Undertaker:
Here a collection of Project Busa bike pics.
This was the original right lower with the beginning of the mods.

This is a pic of a clear clutch cover that's going on the bike, mine is chromed.

This list is about a year old and I haven't updated it but it's close.

Billet Aluminum Parts
Adjustable lowering links
Adjustable kickstand
Mirror covers (for the track)
Foot pegs for rear passenger
(polished stock brackets and can mounts removed)
Koenig Billet oil pan (polished)
Mikuni rear sets
Mikuni top clamp and billet handle bars

Engine Mods
Stroker crank
Carillo rods
Big bore kit
Big bolt mod
Yosh cams
Oil pump gear
Roller chain conversion kit
Valve springs, titanium retainers, guides, seals and pins
Billet shift shaft

Upgraded MCXpress race prep turbo charger
HKS Sequential blow off valve
Muti-state electronic boost controller
2 - Step with digital shift kill and shift light

Clutch Components
MTC Multi Stage lockup clutch
MTC Inner billet clutch hub
Brock Davidson clutch cushion
Chromed Clutch Cover with plexiglass window/access cover

Race cut transmission (Orient Express)
High ratio 5th and 6th gears

Carbon Fiber
Inner fairings
Front fender
Magical Racing carbon fiber windshield with iridium windscreen
Magical Racing carbon fiber mirrors
Autometer carbon fiber boost gauge
Autometer carbon fiber nitrous pressure gauge

Brembo Brakes and Clutch Components
2 piece Titanium narrow track caliper (x2)
Narrow track disk (x2 front rotors)
19x18 Radial pump (race master cylinder)
Complete Titanium rear brake setup with 4 piston caliper and rotor
Titanium bolts for front and rear rotors
Radial pump switch
Billet clutch pump
Goodridge kevlar lines

Rear lights/front lenses
LED’s for brake/rear lights
Integrated brake/turn signals
Clear brake light cover
Clear turn signal/side markers mounted on lower fender
(Intakes/Signals have been removed from front fairing)
Custom LED light for Airtech race tail (Radiantz)

Miscellaneous Items
Custom Cut drag race seat with rear hump pad
JMC 4-6 adjustable custom swingarm with over/under bracing (everyday riding)
Macintosh 10” arm underbracing (for the track)
Macintosh raked frame
Muzzy aluminum fans
Muzzy NOS shifter
Pingle switches for shifter and nitrous
OZ chromed wheels
Chromed stock wheels for the track
Michelin HPX 200 series tires (street)
Mickey Thompson MCR2 Shoot-out tire (track)
EK ZVX Chain - nickel plated
Polished frame
Yellow box (speedo correction)
Airtech 8” extended tail section (track)
Q Robles 6" ext tail for 2up riding
Moded handle bar grips
Mototeck yellow Speedo and Tach
Custom cut Busa fuel tank (for the track)
Front Forks - polished
Chromed gas cap (for both fuel tanks)
Tiger Tail fender eliminator
Ohlins adjustable rear shock
Ohlins top mounted steering damper
Battery has been relocated on fairing stay behind gauges
(to make room for electronics under the seat)


The Undertaker:
A couple of more pics...
This is the nose after the intakes/turn sigs were removed.

toooo f'n sweet dude            

i give it 3 kickasses ...

Busa for hire:
I can't wait to see the finished product. This has been going on for quite some time.
This will probaly be one of the most heavily modded Busa' out there.                     Four Kickasses from me.

can I ride it when I come back to town, at least sit on it and pretnd like George is doing            


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